Greenray Control Solutions Limited, part of the Greenray Group of companies offers owners and operators of gas turbines, steam turbines, compressors and associated driven equipment an advanced engineering and control monitoring solution.

Our skilled engineers have over 300 years’ combined experience in designing and implementing control system modernisations, remote condition monitoring and life-extension upgrades for customers around the world. We provide a customer focused service and a dedicated team of engineers are available to offer technical advice and support 24/7.

We recognise that operators of mature turbines and associated driven equipment frequently encounter operational challenges. Our retrofits and upgrades experience extends over a variety of manufacturers and different types of rotating equipment. Our solutions can be tailored to specific requirements, ranging from minor module replacements to major control retrofits for both prime mover and driven equipment. This in turn increases availability and reliability, whilst simplifying operations and reducing maintenance costs.

We use our advanced engineering skills to support customer requirements and provide new installations, from design stage through to commissioning.

Providing the complete range of turbine control solutions.

A wealth of control systems expertise.

Providing bespoke control solutions for a wide range of products.