Iain Lister

Iain Lister - Chief Executive

Iain has had more than 25 years experience of service for rotating equipment in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Industrial Markets.

Working for over 17 years in various technical and managerial roles involved with electrical rotating machinery in the power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Iain's role immediately prior to joining Greenray was the Director of Service for the Stafford Facility.  Iain joined Greenray in 2007 and led the Greenray Energy Businesses as Managing Director of the Energy Division until 2012, when Iain acquired the business and became Chief Executive.

The Greenray Group has been providing maintenance and service solutions for aero-derivative gas turbines, steam turbines and rotating equipment, in both the power generation, waste to energy and oil & gas markets globally for over 25 years.

Greenray has a wealth of experience in the installation of control system upgrades and retrofits, which provides owners and operators of gas and steam turbines with advanced engineered life extension solutions. This area of the business has seen significant growth and expansion, which has led to the creation of a new division within the Greenray Group, 'Greenray Control Solutions Ltd'.

We have global experience of designing and implementing modernisations and life extension upgrades which improve the operational reliability of equipment. Our extensive engineering capabilities enable us to offer tailor made solutions which meet a customers' individual requirements in a cost efficient and effective way, including the ability to provide remote condition monitoring and diagnostic solutions.

Control upgrades and modernisations are more frequently required due to old components becoming obsolete or incompatible. We are continually striving to develop our technological capabilities and engineering expertise in order to provide an innovative and unrivalled service.

We recognise the challenging environment our customers operate in and understand the importance of turbine availability. By implementing the latest technologies in control systems, we extend the working life of assets and thereby provide a cost effective alternative to turbine package replacement.

Our range of comprehensive solutions include:

  • Gas turbine and steam turbine governors.
  • Gas turbine and steam turbine sequencers.
  • Station remote monitoring and control solutions.
  • SCADA HMI's.
  • Temperature monitoring.
  • Fuel systems.
  • Vibration systems.
  • Motor control centres.
  • Fire and gas systems.
  • Remote condition monitoring and diagnostic solutions.