We have In-house expertise to provide a total upgrade path for your turbomachinery. We can provide a complete solution including all ancillary systems and controls, instrumentation, gauges, wiring and junction boxes – a one-stop shop for all your upgrade needs.

In addition to full control systems we offer a wide range of other control and ancillary system upgrades which can be implemented as an individual component upgrade or as part of a total solution package. These include:

  • Ignition systems
  • Fire and gas detection systems including suppression systems
  • Station control systems
  • Supervisory panels (local and remote)
  • Vibration monitoring systems
  • Pump or Compressor sequence panels
  • Generator protection and control panels
  • Motor Control Suites
  • Compressor cleaning/washing systems
  • Instrument air systems and compressors
  • Gas Turbine starter systems
  • Instrumentation and gauge panels
  • Field cabling and junction boxes
  • UPS battery charger and inverter system
  • Gas and Liquid Fuel Systems
  • Over speed protection system
  • DCS and SCADA Systems
  • Balance of plant interfaces (Boiler control interface, Gas fuel Compressor control, Air filter control panels etc.)


For information about Greenray Control Solutions and our comprehensive range of services contact us on +(0) 1522 503 300 or email