Case study of an upgrade control and fuel systems on Avon generator sets located on an offshore platform.

The challenge

The equipment was originally installed approximately 40 years ago and the adverse atmospheric conditions had taken their toll on the mild steel painted starter panel and associated control circuitry.

The customer was primarily interested in replacing the equipment due to component obsolescence and we were requested to engineer like for like, using the latest state of the art components, but retaining the relay control philosophy and thus increase the Avon reliability and availability.

Our solution

To design, build and test a replacement relay based Avon starter panel having the same functionality as the old panel, but using the latest available components.


  • Provision of new drawings in Autocad format.
  • Provision of new stainless steel starter panel and associated electronics.
  • Provision of test procedure and point to point wiring schedules.
  • Full load witness test of completed starter panel.




Our attention to detail corrected many of the faults of the original drawings and provided enhancements to the original starter panel design thus ensuring the replacement starter panel will provide functionality for years to come. We offer like for like component replacement in an existing starter panel or a proven replacement design for any failing Avon starter panels in the field.

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