Motor Control Centres provide the control and protection interface between the control panel and any electrical motors on the rotating equipment site - we provide new replacement AC and DC motor control centres either as part of a larger upgrade or as a stand-alone project.

The MCC’s can be changed out retaining the original motors, or with replacement upgraded motors and field cabling.

Our team offer upgrades and replacement of existing motor compartments - in order to comply with current regulations and legislation/ATEX requirements the MCC protection circuits and motors often need to be upgraded concurrently.

DC Motor Control Centres can be upgraded to include Emergency DC lube oil pump control and reduced internal control voltages suitable to interface with modern control systems.


Replacement AC & DC MCC’s with Avon Starter Panels.

As part of a wider upgrade package, we engineered replacement upgraded AC and DC Motor Control Centres to suit existing gas turbine package motors for an oil and gas customer.

The AC MCC’s were upgraded with dual increased capacity 440v AC feeders, manually interlocked with Castel keys, and additional compartments included at request of customer.

The DC MCC’s were upgraded with reduced control voltages from 110v DC to 24v DC and including the Emergency DC Lube oil pump control.

Both sets of MCC suites were redesigned in combination with a replacement Avon Starter panels to form a complete MCC suite to fit within the footprint of the original MCC suite. This system was supplied from dual 440v 50Hz AC feeders with manually interlocked (Castel Key) selectors.