A critical component of the overall package of electrical equipment at site is the UPS battery bank, battery charger and inverter system. 

Wet chloride cells are maintenance intensive and often neglected. These batteries degrade over time and lose their capacity. The charger and inverter circuit are obsolete and unsupported by the original OEM. We offer a complete replacement using the latest technology. 

The UPS batteries, charger and inverter system is a key component for many rotating machinery systems.  Providing essential power to the control panel, and often supplying power to the emergency lubrication pumps in the event of an AC power failure, reliable consistent operation is paramount. Some systems also used high capacity battery systems to provide “black starting” capabilities – for true independence from the utility grid network.

These systems are inherently very reliable, if a little high maintenance, but when they do go wrong there is often little or no support available. We provide new, replacement or retrofit solutions to suit the site specific requirements – 24v or 110v DC systems – standard or high capacity. Following a capacity or power study we can supply either replacement battery banks, inverter/charger systems or combined packages of inverter/charger and batteries with interfaces to the control systems for maintenance and diagnostics.


Battery bank, Inverter/Charger replacement.

As part of a wider controls system upgrade, we supply and install replacement battery chargers and inverters, both 24v and 110v DC for two GEC EM610 60Mw Gas Turbines for a Power Generation client in the Far East. The scope included recalculation of the electrical loads and capacities, replacement battery banks for both voltages with Inverter/Charger systems.