Many OEM supplied compressor performance and anti-surge protection systems supplied as part of the original contracts were implemented in separate hardwired controllers. 

These controllers can become difficult to support, take up a lot of panel space and have limited diagnostic data available for the main controller – possibly an output for a gauge or chart recorder. We integrate both the performance and anti-surge functions as software algorithms into the programme of either a dedicated PLC controller or as part of a complete replacement control system.

Compressor performance monitoring and Anti-surge algorithms.

By using intuitive performance monitoring and control algorithms we provide the solution to running your compressor train at optimum efficiency while maintaining a safe operating margin to surge. Compensating for changing operating conditions or fouling degradation the performance control target can be dynamically altered in response of a near-surge event – maintaining safe and continued operation while avoiding a damaging surge event. Implemented in a PLC this upgrade can be provided as either a “stand-alone” upgrade or as part of a larger control system upgrade.

  • Reduced component count – remove separate controllers and trip amplifiers.
  • Software based algorithms in a standalone PLC or integrated into the programme of a more comprehensive control system upgrade.
  • Multiple control strategies with dynamic response to changing compressor performance.
  • Enhanced data monitoring, trending and analysis of compressor parameters.