Protection against fire or a dangerous build-up of combustible gases is of paramount importance for operators of gas turbine and other types of turbomachinery alike.

Coupled with a suitable suppression system the enhanced safety and protection afforded to both personnel and equipment cannot be underestimated.

Due to the age of many installations the installed fire and gas detection system is likely to be obsolete, unsupported and possibly retaining BCF/Halon suppression media. While Halon is an excellent suppression media it was outlawed by international treaty in 1993 for portable extinguishers and 1999 for fixed installations, and should have been phased out of use by the end of 2003.

We offer a complete fire and gas detection and suppression system to suit your needs, whether replacing existing, upgrading to latest standards or for a new installation project.


We offer stand-alone or fully integrated fire and gas protection systems with multiple protection zones and suppression options.

Using the latest programmable monitoring systems, with optical gas detection and multi-spectrum infrared flame detectors, connected via a multi-drop communication network these systems have unsurpassed fault tolerance and enhanced false alarm rejection.

Offering protection of a single piece of equipment, or a plant-wide wide system a mixture of detectors and suppression systems can be combined into a single integrated protection solution – offering multiple protection zones using different suppression media to suit each zone. E.g. CO2 protection in a Gas Turbine enclosure, water mist in open plant areas and FM200 media for Electrical switch and operator-inhabited areas.

Using latest optical gas detection or more traditional catalytic gas detectors and multispectral infrared flame viewing detectors with unsurpassed false alarm rejection. Combined with “traditional” heat and smoke detection where applicable.

  • Latest optical gas detector and infrared flame viewing.
  • Field equipment EXd certified – suitable for Zone 1 areas.
  • High temperature ratings – suitable up to 120 deg. C if required.
  • Fault tolerant due to multi-drop communication network configured as Local Operating Network (LON).
  • Reduced down-time due to automatic system self-diagnostic monitoring.

Replacement Fire and Gas detection system

We have engineered a complete fire and gas detection system for three gas turbine powered crude oil pumps for an oil and gas customer. Using state of the art sensors and industry leading controllers the new system interfaces to the customers’ existing suppression. With the addition of individual manual activation call stations and suppression retention dampers for the existing ductwork, this new system vastly improves the effectiveness of the previous detection system.

New Fire and Gas detection and suppression system

Due to the relocation of a 30-year-old Industrial gas turbine a completely new fire and gas detection and suppression system was required for this project. The 60Mw power generation gas turbine requires two protection zones with separate monitoring and suppression systems for each zone. Due to the modular nature of the detection system deployed,we were able to execute the project using the very latest optical flame and gas detectors, providing the best possible protection against false alarms. With two banks of suppression media, both with dual-shot discharge capacity, the protection afforded by this system is second to none.