From monitoring the generator bearing and winding temperatures, to automatic excitation voltage control and synchronisation, the generator control and protection system ensures safe operation of the generating plant.

We offer replacement Generator Control and Protection (GCP) systems using the latest technology, incorporating all the essential control and protection functions into one suite.

Using commercially available components, we can design a replacement GCP system for your gas turbine or steam turbine generating set.

A typical installation includes a dual synchroniser system with automatic synchronisation option, dual AVR’s and an intelligent protection relay with multiple monitoring circuits replacing individual protection relays, standard control switches and panel meters as required, all fitting into the footprint of the existing panel.

Supplied stand-alone or as part of a wider control system upgrade, the GCP can include replacement transducers and additional interfaces to a Station SCADA or DCS system.

In addition to complete GCP replacements we can perform minor modifications or upgrades to existing panels.


Replacement Generator Control and Protection Panel.

We provided a stand-alone upgrade to the Generator Control and Protection panels for three gas turbine generator sets for an offshore oil and gas customer. These panels replaced the existing 30-year-old GCP’s and had to fit in the tight space of the offshore switch gear and control room.

Engineered with improved dual automatic voltage regulators and dual synchronisers allowed automatic synchronising with the added confidence of a sync-check from the second unit and replacement of the traditional six protection relays with a single smart protection relay. We executed this upgrade successfully right down to the matching colour of the existing cubicles.

Modification to existing GCP

Following a review of the G59 Regulations (regarding connections to utility grid network) a customer required the addition of “Rocof” trip to a GCP fitted to a steam turbine.

The Connection of Generation Plant to a Utility Grid (small scale generators) Regulations Section G59-3 requires protection relays monitoring the quality of the connection to the utility grid. Typically, the regulation requires monitoring of Voltage, Frequency, Phase-angle and Rate-of-change-of-frequency (RoCoF).

Any of these monitored parameters outside of pre-set limits will cause the main circuit breaker to be opened. We have carried out a minor modification to the existing GCP to provide the necessary RoCoF protection circuit to comply with the regulatory requirement.