Original equipment instrumentation are just as likely to be outdated, unreliable and tricky to maintain. Our team supplies modern replacements to suit your needs.

Older rotating machinery control systems were generally hardwired logic systems and as such relied on switch-based instrumentation.

By upgrading to modern transmitter based instrumentation we reduce the physical device count and increase the available data for trending and condition monitoring. Thus less time is spent manually recording analogue measurements from gauges around your plant and provides the ability to graph or trend previously unavailable data. Multiple trip and alarm set points can be obtained from a single transmitter. 

By specifying user-configurable industry standard instruments, the inventory of spare parts needed can also be reduced – saving time and money in spare parts.

Normally this type of upgrade is specified as part of a complete control system upgrade – allowing the necessary logical changes to the sequence and alarm handling functions of the instruments to be incorporated in the new logic.

From a single instrument to fully built and factory tested gauge and instrument panels, we have the right solution to your instrumentation needs.

Instrumentation upgrades

  • Access to previously analogue gauge values allowing trending and condition monitoring from the control system.
  • Reduced instrument count by integrating multiple switching functions in revised logic from a single transmitter.
  • Changing out obsolete instruments for robust modern equivalents pre-built and tested.
  • Pre-built and tested gauge panels delivered ready for installation to reduce down time.

Replacement Gas Turbine Instrument and Gauge panels.

As part of a control system upgrade, we have provided replacement instrument and gauge panels for the gas generator, power turbine and gearbox. These panels used the latest dual-element smart transmitters to replace multiple gauges and switches, reducing component count and increasing reliability, providing improved levels of data to the control system while maintaining a local readout. Mounted in fabricated stainless steel frames with stainless steel junction boxes, tubing and isolation valves, the gauge panels fit the same footprint as the original. giving like for like change out and minimised installation time.