On plants with rotating equipment there are often other associated controls equipment termed Balance of Plant. These can be full control panels or minor controllers housed in junction boxes, each performing a specific task or interfacing to supervision panels, boiler controls, fuel gas compressors, air filter controllers, valve sequencers, SCADA interfaces etc.

These are often neglected, equally as outdated and tricky to support as the rest of the equipment on site and are usually simply ignored during any upgrade programme. We are your total system solution provider – we design, build and install additional control panels, interfaces, control desks or satellite controllers to suit our customers' needs.

We have the experience and knowledge to be able to provide a total system upgrade – either as part of a complete system project or as part of an ongoing programme of upgrades – replacing all of the satellite stand-alone controllers or interfaces on the customer’s equipment.

From compressor cleaning systems and air filter controllers to gas turbine starter panels, full Station supervisory systems with pump or compressor valve sequencing or a specific interface to a boiler or gas fuel compressor, our team provide replacement panels for every eventuality.

Each plant or installation will have many of these minor control elements as part of their installed equipment, each one performing a small but vital part of the overall control of the plant. Many can be treated as individual projects and upgraded or replaced one by one, we cover all of these items allowing customers to go to a single source.

Station Process Control Panel

As part of a full control system upgrade we have engineered and supplied a replacement pump process control panel for an oil and gas customer. This panel monitored and controlled all the essential ancillary systems supporting three gas turbine powered crude oil pumps including interfaces to fuel gas treatment, station safety systems, air compressor plant, incorporating overall station suction, discharge and flow controllers to the individual units as well as providing the remote monitoring interface to the station central control room.

Air Filter Control Panels

Housing the control timers, safety circuit and local indication for the control of oiled screen air filter motors, these small junction box mounted controllers replaced 30 year old unsupported existing systems.

Pump Control Panels

We were contracted to provide pump control panels for an oil and gas customer to control tandem pairs of crude oil pumps. The pump control panel houses connections to and from the gas turbine control panels and the overall station control system, providing suction, discharge, recirculation valve control and monitoring. Touchscreen HMI control of dual suction header, discharge flow and monitoring replaced the matrix type display and provided for additional equipment status and trending.