Machinery protection systems are paramount to safe operation of rotating machinery. We upgrade or replace your existing system with a modern electronic overspeed protection system.

Mechanical overspeed protection systems are the traditional method of protecting rotating equipment – simple, well understood and, if maintained correctly, reliable.

The problem with mechanical overspeed protection systems is that they are just that, a mechanical system with multiple precision components subject to wear and damage, connected to the control system by a non-safety rated trip switch, often a simple micro switch – with the potential for many different and difficult to determine faults. We can engineer an electronic overspeed protection system to suit your equipment needs – either independently or as part of a control system upgrade. The solution can be tailored to your turbomachinery requirement – big or small.

  • Frequency based trip calculations – settings pre-programmed during manufacture.
  • Fully electronic monitoring – no mechanical components to drift, wear or calibrate.
  • Fully independent of Sequencer, PLC or other logic solver within the control system.
  • Two-out-of-three (2oo3) voting – can accept maximum of three separate speed sensors.
  • Buffered NAMUR speed outputs available for governor speed measurement.
  • Periodic self-test and on-board diagnostics to assure successful operation.
  • Built-in independent watchdog facility to monitor main logic solver or PLC.
  • Suitable for variety of speed probe types.
  • Small footprint within control panel.
  • Certified to SIL3.