Machinery vibration monitoring systems are an integral part of monitoring and protecting your important rotating machinery assets.

Vibration monitoring and protection systems are pivotal to monitoring and protecting the integrity of your plant. Most legacy machines had at best rudimentary vibration monitoring and instrumentation. We have experience and expertise to recommend, design and install modern vibration systems either as standalone upgrades or incorporated into a new control or SCADA system.

Whether your equipment has rudimentary vibration protection by “trembler switches” or an outdated OEM system, we can specify a modern system to suit your equipment needs. By selecting from a number of different vibration systems we can replace, upgrade or complement existing vibration systems on all types of rotating machinery.

GEC Avon Pump set Vibration monitor upgrade.

Replacement of the original sensors and equipment supplied by the OEM over forty years ago (in this case Ultra Electronics) with latest generation of vibration monitoring and analysis system from EPRO. The analogue valves from the analyser are displayed on the control system HMI whilst alarm and trip functions remain hardwired via relay contact into the control systems PLC, thus assuring integrity.   


Ingersoll - Rand Avon Pump set Vibration monitor upgrade.

Replacement of the original equipment, in this case Indikon field mounted proximity sensors and trip-amplifier modules, with a full Bently Nevada 3500 monitoring system complete with new probes and drivers customised to suit the existing installation. Alarm and trip functions are fully programmed from the Bently Nevada system, feeding status and analogue values to the PLC and displayed via the HMI screens.


Steam turbine Thrust monitor upgrade.

Using our expertise we recommend a staged improvement program – upgrading the vibration monitoring system in stages and incorporating additional functionality as required as part of on-going improvements to the control and monitoring systems.

Initially this project was to replace the existing thrust monitoring for the steam turbine, with additional options to add proximity vibration monitoring to the rest of the train and incorporate bearing temperature monitoring. The Bently Nevada 3500 system lends itself perfectly to this type of upgrade and using our expertise the additional requirements can all be incorporated into a staged upgrade package.