Contained within the control system of older pieces of equipment are many complex standalone pieces of electronics, which can be upgraded individually without resorting to a complete control system replacement.

In the event of an individual part of the system becoming old, unsupported or unreliable, we have the ability to upgrade these sections of the system with limited impact on the remainder of the control system.

From a vibration system upgrade to an electronic governor or temperature monitor, a replacement electronic over speed system or a full fire and gas protection and suppression system, we have the experience and knowledge to fulfil the needs of the end user.

Case Examples

We were contacted by a UK offshore operator who required an engineered replacement of an obsolete mechanical timer within a gas turbine starter system.

Following an engineering study we were able to provide an electronic timer solution to incorporate into the existing hardware, allowing continued operation of the equipment with minimal disruption to operation.

The original schematic drawings were redrawn in an electronic format and updated to show the modifications, allowing ongoing support of the equipment in the future.


Case Examples 

A UK Oil and Gas customer contacted us after a combined HMI and PC failure on their Fire and gas protection system which had been provided by another vendor. This HMI system was now obsolete and no longer supported by the OEM and was limiting operation of the protection system.

The customer had no historic software backups and no strategic hardware available to rebuild the existing application. We were commissioned to engineer a replacement solution to fit into the existing equipment using individual HMI and PC base units, recreating new HMI mimic screens under direction of the customer.

A UK Oil and Gas customer contacted us to replace an unsupported non-proprietary hydraulic Gas fuel valve system with an electronic controlled fuel valve and all associated pipework.

This required safe isolation and decommissioning of the hydraulic system and interfacing of the replacement fuel valve to the existing pipework and control system. The project also required an update of the P&ID’s and control schematics to suit the replacement system.

Case Examples

A UK based energy provider requested we investigate the upgrading of their thrust and vibration monitoring system on an older design of steam turbine.

The originally supplied equipment was outdated and only monitored machinery thrust movement. The upgrade offering was built in sequential stages enabling the customer to select from a number of options, allowing them to tailor their upgrade path as necessary. Each option built upon the previous option, allowing a cost-conscious upgrade path with progressively increased machinery protection and monitoring. 

A UK offshore operator contracted us to provide a replacement power supply unit for the existing GEC hardwired control system. 

This component had become obsolete and unreliable in operation with no viable replacement options. We conducted a design review of the existing failed component. From this, a direct replacement part was designed and tested, and ultimately shipped to the offshore location enabling the customer to continue operating his original control system.


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