We have the experience and capability to provide you with all the technical support you need.

Our vast range of knowledge on legacy machine types, control systems, fuel control and governors, allows us to advise you on the best solution to meet your needs.

Training courses – Basics of operation.

Due to the age of this type of machine the basic knowledge of operation and maintenance has been lost or diluted through staff movement, relocation and retirements. We offer training courses from an Introduction to Gas Turbines, the Basics of Operation, and Routine Maintenance for employees.

Training courses – specific to new equipment.

Where new equipment has been supplied to a mature machine it is imperative that the changes are explained to Operations and Maintenance personnel. We offer bespoke training courses for all aspects of new supply equipment from the Basics of Operation and Navigation to Maintenance, Troubleshooting and Data Retrieval.

Telephone support contract – out of hours support.

For customers with long term service agreements we offer various levels of telephone support – from within normal working hours support to full 24-hour coverage. 

For information about Greenray Control Solutions and our comprehensive range of services contact us on +(0) 1522 503 300 or email