Iain Lister

Iain Lister - Chief Executive

Iain has had more than 25 years experience of service for rotating equipment in the Power Generation, Oil & Gas and Industrial Markets.

Working for over 17 years in various technical and managerial roles involved with electrical rotating machinery in the power generation, oil & gas and industrial sectors. Iain's role immediately prior to joining Greenray was the Director of Service for the Stafford Facility.  Iain joined Greenray in 2007 and led the Greenray Energy Businesses as Managing Director of the Energy Division until 2012, when Iain acquired the business and became Chief Executive.

We recognise that operators of mature gas turbines and associated driven equipment frequently encounter operational challenges. These include little or no access to product technical support, incompatibility with more modern systems, component obsolescence leading to reduced availability, poor reliability and limited or restricted operation resulting in increased operating costs.

We have experience of designing, implementing control systems modernisations and life-extension upgrades for customers around the world, increasing availability and reliability while simplifying operation and reducing maintenance costs.

Our retrofits and upgrades experience extends over a variety of manufacturer’s and different types of rotating equipment. Our solutions can be tailored to the individual needs of the customer, ranging from minor module replacements to major control retrofits for both prime mover and driven equipment.